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About Dr. Carr Worland

About Dr. Carr Elizabeth Worland

Dr. Carr Elizabeth Worland loves Jesus, and is deeply devoted to Him. She has a BA, M.A., and a Ph. D. in Theology.


Her Dissertation for St. Louis University (1982) was entitled, "American Catholic Women and the Church until 1920."


Archbishop John L May appointed her to the Board of Kenrick Seminary and to the Archdiocesan Synod on the Priests' Committee.


She has been working for and in the Archdiocese of St. Louis since the 1980's: teaching in the Seminary and many Parishes, writing a Newspaper column, giving Retreats and Days of Recollection. She has written seven Commentaries on the Bible and has taught Scripture since the 1970s.


Dr. Carr Worland is available to minister and pray for you

Dr. Carr Worland is an internationally sought after Bible teacher. She has traveled to many nations to teach God's word, and minister to the deepest needs of hurting people.


Dr. Carr Worland would be happy to teach Bible Studies, give retreats or days of recollection, do prison ministry and pray with you.


Dr. Carr Worland can be reached by US Mail at:


Abiding Bible Companion

PO Box 11714

St. Louis, MO 63105 USA


Or you can E-MAIL her.


If you would like Dr. Worland to pray for you, please just send your prayer request and she will keep you in prayer.

  • Bible Studies
  • Retreats and conferences
  • Days of recollection
  • Prison ministry
  • Prayer Ministry

What others have said about the ministry of Dr. Carr Worlands

Dear Dr. Carr,

Thank you for all you have done with the Bible Study... I really have enjoyed the Tuesday morning group. I hope to see you again in the future. Again, thank you for all you have done. You’re an awesome instructor. Good luck at your new location. God bless you,

Lara S.


Dear Carr,

I have truly learned so much from your classes. I am a better person and a better catholic thanks to your teaching. The most important thing you ever said in my opinion was “when you don’t love, you sin.” It caused me to examine my life and sent me back to confession. I am glad you came into my life and I sincerely thank you.

Vicki M.


Dear Carr,

Thank you for coming into our lives with so many gifts. You are truly an inspired (with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit) teacher, beloved by all of your students. Enclosed is a gift to the needy of Tanzania in your name. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand always. With love,

Victoria T.

Linda V.

Elaine F.


Dear Carr,

... Thank you for all the time and prayer you put into Bible study for us. You always give me something to use in my daily living. I truly appreciate you. God bless you! Love and prayers.

Barb G.


Dear Carr,

My sincere gratitude for enriching my “Journey” and touching my heart in so many ways. I ask our dear risen Lord to continue to bless you, your ministry, and all that you do for Him. My love and affection.



Dear Carr,

You will be missed. You made Jesus and the Catholic Church so real, so human – each week was a new revelation. We, the church, are so blessed to have teachers who share themselves as well as Jesus. Love and Prayers.

Pat P.